favorite food: Rib-eye steak with chilli butter

Milo loves cocktails and is damn good at making them taste great. Cogna consequat consequat consectetur, arcu seat ligula elit sed meseqcipit lorem. Duis leo. Donec sodales sagittis magna. Nam quam nunc, blandit vel, luctus pulvinar, hendrerit id, lorem. Amet aliquam lorem ante.

His cocktail creations are reflective of his own extensive travels and love of combining flavours from all over the world.  Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim. Aliquam lorem ante, feugiat a, tellus. Etiam sit amet orci eget eros faucibus tincidunt. Sed fringilla mauris sit amet nibh.

Johnny Burke Bar Events

Johnny Burke Catering & Events has launched their new bar catering services. Add to any event or just have a cocktail party Bartenders, Custom Cocktails & a darn good time!

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